woensdag 10 februari 2016

Twitter’s new timeline is here: What you need to know now


Twitter’s new algorithms have arrived

The company pushed out an update Wednesday that makes its much-talked-about timeline redesign official. The new feature, which is live on Twitter’s app and website now, will show tweets that are sorted based on relevancy, rather than chronology, at the top of your timeline.

While this is a significant update for Twitter, it’s by no means the end of the reverse-chronological timeline, which has been one of the service’s signature features, despite the fears of vocal users.


The change is strictly opt-in — at least for now. As of today, you won’t see the feature unless you manually activate it in your account settings. This will, however, change at some point in the next few weeks. After the feature has been out in the wild long enough for people to get used to it, the company will switch it on for everyone — though users will still be able to opt out through their settings Read more…

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