zondag 31 januari 2016

Twitter helps Delhi Police locate lost Alzheimer patient’s family


India’s police forces are discovering the power of social media. On Sunday, Delhi Police organised a unique rescue when they were able to reunite a lost Alzheimer patient with her family in just a few hours, with the help of Twitter.

After a police van found 80-year-old Kamla Gupta in north Delhi, the city’s Deputy Commissioner of Police (North) Madhur Verma tweeted her details. Gupta, an Alzheimer’s patient, had lost her way after visiting a temple in the morning. She was unable to remember her address even after she was taken to the police station. Read more…


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Thank you, Instagram, for your 100,000 #MashPics


Less than a year ago, we launched #MashPics as a way of curating the best images from our talented Instagram community. Today, that hashtag has seen more than 100,000 beautiful photos.

100,000! That’s a whole lot.

We’re so proud to have facilitated the growth of this dedicated group of photographers. Their creative work makes it easy to get lost in an endless scroll of spiral staircases, silly animals, stunning aerial shots, sun-kissed portraits and more


It’s also truly amazing to realize the global reach of our hashtag. We’ve seen photos from not only the 50 states, but from countless countries in Asia, Europe, the Middle East and South America. #MashPics has become a pseudo travel guidebook in itself. Read more…

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zaterdag 30 januari 2016

A model and her BFF have mastered the perfect response to dick pics


Some men simply do not know how to try and attract women. One model wants to help them learn

While many women ignore unsolicited dick pics, model Emily Sears and her BFF Laura have found a much more productive way to deal with them.

Emily Sears — a Los Angeles-based model from Australia — has built a large social media following of 2.3 million fans, which she engages with often.


She enjoys keeping her followers up to date on her life by posting photos of herself and her modeling shoots. However, her fame has come with a serious price — unwanted dick pics. Read more…

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vrijdag 29 januari 2016

These 6-second Vine creations were so good they took home $10,000


The Armstrong Vine Awards hosted at Mashable headquarters Friday night gave you one day to play and six seconds to convince. The competition saw more than 400 submissions across seven categories: art, comedy, animation, illusion, music, series and remix.

Each category was judged by some of Vine’s most talented users.

The Armstrong Vine Awards was started three years ago by the media and communications agency to source the best talents on Vine, with the last two years seeing more than 1,000 video submissions.


For our #MashableRemix vine challenge, we asked competitors to use Vine’s remix feature, which lets users overlay audio from a different Vine on their original video. The winners took home a total of $10,000. The judges included @NickGallo, @yelldesign, @Corypoppins, @MarksRecords, @JohnnyMcHone, @NoahKalina and us, @Mashable Read more…

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Facebook and Instagram ban private gun sales


Facebook will be banning sales of guns on both its flagship service and on company-owned Instagram, site officials announced Friday

The updated policy will align more closely with the company’s current regulations on advertisements and sales of regulated goods, a Facebook spokesperson told Mashable

The move — which some have interpreted as Facebook taking a stance in favor of gun control — comes after President Obama and other gun safety advocates put pressure to halt illegal sales and trades on the site, the New York Times reported


The ban specifically applies to person-to-person firearm sales, while licensed gun dealers will remain exempt under the new guidelines. The goal, it appears, is to curb sales that are conducted without background checks and public safety precautions Read more…

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