dinsdag 9 februari 2016

Kickstarter hits 100,000 funded projects, shares 100 astonishing facts


Kickstarter has reached a big milestone: 100,000 projects were successfully funded through the crowdfunding platform. 

To celebrate the occasion, the company shared 100 fascinating tidbits about its history. 

For example, it took 121 days for the first 100 projects to be successfully funded on the platform, back when it was launched in April 2009. It only took three days to fund the last 100 projects on Kickstarter. 

All in all, 86,101 creators launched the 100,000 projects on Kickstarter; 8,539 of them managed to successfully fund more than one project, and one Kickstarter ninja funded a whopping 94 projects. 


More than 9 million backers helped fund those 100,000 projects; and as a true testament to the global nature of Kickstarter, the average distance between a project’s location and its backer is 2,317 miles.  Read more…

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