vrijdag 11 maart 2016

Want Success? Make It About the Team – Always

To build an empire takes more than one person. It doesn’t matter if you’re a solo entrepreneur, a solo blogger, a solo musician or artist.

To truly build an empire takes more than the soloist you may be – it takes a team.

From a solo point of view, that can mean a variety of things.

For solo entrepreneurs, it’s your partner that encourages you when no-one else will. Or the bank manager who approves your loan when you first start. Or the contractor who gives you the part-time skills for that job you couldn’t do otherwise.

For solo bloggers, it’s your readers who give you strength to keep writing when you want to give up. Or commenters that validate your thoughts. Or the social community who share your blog with new eyes.

For the musician or artist, it’s the fans who buy your work when everyone else says it’s worthless. It’s the manager or agent who never gives up on you. It’s the supplier that provides your tools of the trade to make the magic happen.


For the business owner or leader that has employees, your team is easier to define – as is the fact that, just like the soloist, your team is everything. Without them, you have nothing.

Recognize that. Nurture them. Encourage them. Give them permission to err and give them the stepping stones to the right path the next time. But most of all, make sure they feel appreciated.

We can do a lot on our own – but with our teams beside us we can conquer the world.

Want success? Make it about the team. Always.

Original article: Want Success? Make It About the Team – Always.

Want Success? Make It About the Team – Always
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