maandag 21 maart 2016

The nude birth photo Facebook removed stood for empowerment


When Francie* gave birth to her youngest daughter last year, the delivery was rapid. 

So fast, in fact, that her at-home birthing team didn’t arrive in time, and Francie, on her hands and knees, guided her baby into the world without assistance. 

Francie called out for her husband, who was on the phone with the couple’s doula, to rush into the room and capture photos of their daughter’s birth. In one of them, Francie is naked, holding her newborn with both hands. She looks both tender and fierce. 


The photo, which Francie shared in a private Facebook group last week, was removed after another user reported it for violating the company’s rules forbidding certain types of nudity. The incident, first reported by New York Magazine, raises anew complicated questions about when and how the naked female body is an acceptable thing to see on social media.  Read more…

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